Controller Services

The cost of employing a full time financial officer, controller, or accountant is often prohibitive for many small businesses. The starting cost for employing a full time bookkeeper, in many markets, runs upwards of $25,000 per year. A controller or financial officer may demand two to three times that amount. To assist our clients who were in need of financial or accounting services, but not yet large enough to employee a full-time accountant, we developed an outsourced Controller Service.

Through this program, we provide your business with access to one or more of our professional staff members, on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, to assist with your financial and/or accounting needs. One or more of our professionals will come to your place of business and perform financial or accounting services based on your specific needs. The services provided, time frames and fees can be adjusted to your specific needs and budget. Services provided under this program range from monthly reconciliations and payroll reporting to transaction processing and cash flow management. We can build a program tailored to your needs.

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